Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings of the JIEP's 5th Conference on the Environment

Balancing National Development and Environmental Protection



The JIEP Council would like to thank our sponsors, presenters, participants, volunteers and management team for making this year's staging of our environmental conference such a success.  We look forward to interacting with you, the current and potential membership, again at one of our upcoming fora or social events.

We invite you peruse the conference papers (coming soon) and presentations in the links below.  We do look forward to your comments, so please leave your "two-cents" in our comments section at the end of this page.


Conference Presentations

Day 1
Opening Ceremony

Keynote Address and Official Opening
“Green Development Strategies”
Dr Christopher Briggs - UNDP Energy and Environment Coordinator for the Latin America and Caribbean Region

Session 1: National Development


Richards, A – Vision 2030 Jamaica – A Strategic Framework to Balancing National Development and the Environment in Jamaica   Davis-Mattis, L., Henry, A. – Heritage Protection, Ecological Sustainability and Economic Development – an Unsustainable Trio? A Brief Study of Falmouth Centered Around the Development of a Cruise Ship Pier.


McCulloch, S. - Towards Strategic Spatial Planning in Jamaica: the National Spatial Plan.   Barrett, D. - Wave Energy Conversion Technology for Clean Power Generation in Jamaica.

Session 2: Environmental Issues Affecting National Development - Development Decision Making Through the EIA Process

Session Chair: Natalie Fearon, NEPA



McDonald Gayle, K. - A Review of EIA Quality in Jamaica and Proposals for Improvement.   Burrowes, R. - One reason why the EIA tool in Jamaica is failing to protect the environment.

Koenig, S. - Conservation Spatial Planning:  Moving beyond the “project-by-project” approach to land use in Jamaica.


Session 3: Environmental Issues Affecting National Development

Session Chair: Marlon Beale – JCDT



Todd, S., Prospere, K., Hyslop, E.  - Predictive Distribution Modeling as an Environmental Management Tool: A Case Study of Cherax quadricarinatus in Jamaican Rivers.   John, K., Oliphant, Z. - Focus on Freshwater Wildlife: An Inland Fishery intervention in Rio Grande.


Silva, H. Are we prepared for a Cholera Epidemic in Jamaica?   Carroll, P., Morrison, L. - Opportunistic Water Quality Monitoring Effort 24-hour Monitoring in Kingston Harbour.
Day 2

Session 4: Environmental Management and Protection

Session Chair: Donna Blake, TNC



McDonald Gayle, K., Hayman, A. - Measuring the Impact of the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica on National Development.   Oliphant, R. - Executive Agency Status: The Forestry Department - Developer or Protector?


Rangolan McFarlane, A. - FCF Contributing to National Development by Supporting Environmental Protection.   Townsend, S., Harris, L., Gayle, R. - Blue Flag Certification- A Step Toward Sustainable Management of Jamaica’s Public Beaches.

Session 5: Environmental Management and Protection

Session Chair: Karen McDonald Gayle, EFJ



Beale, M. - The future what does it hold? Protecting the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP) in the changing world.   Otuokon, S.  - Conserving World Heritage: Protected Areas, Communities and Ecotourism - the Case of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.


Meggs, L. - Jamaica’s First Offshore Protected Area – The Pedro Bank Fish Sanctuary.   Thomas-Hope, E., Noel, C. - Recovery of Plastic Bottles for Recycling: A study of Responsible Environmental Behaviour at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica.
Session 6: Achieving the Balance


Myers, E. - Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies: Partners in National Sustainable Development.   Haisfield, K., Lyerly, C., Rees, R., Marra, P. - Socio-Economic Valuation of Font Hill.

Kenny, I, Wilson-Kelly, P.  Burbury, T. - Coral Relocation as a Mitigation Tool: Developing the Falmouth Pier (Trelawny, Jamaica).


Session 7: Achieving the Balance

Session Chair: Krishna Desai, JIEP



Clarke, T. - The Sustainability of Trinidad and Tobago’s Rate of Economic Growth: An Assessment and Application of the Theory of Green National Accounting and Genuine Savings.   Wilmot, I - Biosphere Reserves: Tools to Balance Development and Environmental Protection in Jamaica.

Jones, E – Building The Bridge – Institutional Framework? Green  Economy? Transformational  Leadership?


Public Lecture

Chair: Marcia Creary, President, JIEP



“Jamaica’s Coastal Capital at Risk” - Lauretta Burke, Senior Associate III, World Resources Institute

Including presentations on:

“Valuation of Coral Reef-associated Fisheries”
Richard Waite,  Research Analyst, WRI

“Coral reefs, beach erosion and impacts to tourism”
Benjamin Kushner,  Research Analyst, WRI

  "Presentation on the National Certification Body of Jamaica (NCBJ)" - Sheryl Mullings-Anderson, Manager, NCBJ